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This blog is about the central Istanbul quarter of Tarlabaşı.

Originally a Non-Muslim (mainly Greek and Armenian) neighbourhood, diverse ethnic groups live here today: Kurds, Turks, and Roma. It also houses different social groups that are often marginalized in the city: transsexuals, sexworkers, or „illegal” immigrants on their way to Europe.

This blog will cover stories of Tarlabaşı’s inhabitants, its streets and buildings and will discuss the impact on the community of the renewal project “Tarlabaşı Yenileniyor” (Tarlabaşı is Renewed) that foresees the demolition of many buildings and the eviction of a large part of the present populace.

It also aims to serve as a platform and tool for journalists, researchers, activists and other people interested in urban issues in Istanbul.

Who we are:

Jonathan Lewis is a freelance documentary photographer based in Istanbul.  His work has appeared in numerous international papers and magazines and he is represented by Polaris Images.                www.jonathanlewisphoto.com

Constanze Letsch is undertaking a study of Tarlabaşı as part of her Ph.D. in Comparative Cultural Anthropology through Europe University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) on conflicts and resistance associated with gentrification issues. She also works as a freelance writer and journalist and is based in Istanbul.

We would also like to thank Jennifer Hattam for the great editing job she is doing on all our blog posts. Jennifer works as a writer and editor, and she is based in Istanbul. Her blog can be found here.

3 Responses to About this blog

  1. Brigitte Jelen says:

    Who are you?
    I live in Tarlabasi too… although a bit down the road in Aynali Cesme…
    I would like to be part of your upcoming activities… and it also happens that I am a sociologist at Bahcesehir univ. teaching urban soc.. so I’m interested in all this, of course.

    • Constanze says:

      Dear Brigitte,
      why don’t you drop us an email in the “Contact Us” section? It would be great to discuss this further. Best, Constanze

  2. kemal says:

    Very nice blog.
    Tarlabasi is a very important exemple of the true Istanbul visage like Kumkapi or Fener districts. The way the municipality have planned to reconsider this area is only based on profit and does not presents any valable aspect esthetically. “Tarlabasi yenileniyor” project is ugly like “Demirören” shopping center with a “disneyland like” state of mind, destroying the original to replace it with a copy.
    There is not a lot of photographies of this area on the web, thanks for yours.
    Nobody have the right to sack people but the area is beautiful and ugly dirty at the same time.
    Something must be done to save those historical buildings.
    What will be the best solution for Tarlabasi? How to respect people and renew?

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