The guerrilla garden of Tarlabasi

 (Jonathan Lewis)

Only 48 hours or so separated our strolling down one sokak in Tarlabaşı, but in that time the local residents had created a garden from nothing.  An old house that had been filled to overflowing with old sofas, plastics and scrap materials now had flowering plants out front.

A week later the waste-filled doorways had been boarded up behind the plants.  Make-shift seating and a low table were now occupied by the local guys as they protected their plants from local children and their footballs.  A few days later the lower half of the building and the boardings had been painted a common colour; a trailing pea plant was being encouraged up the front of the building and a picture was hung on the building.

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One Response to The guerrilla garden of Tarlabasi

  1. Slimane says:

    That’s really nice! It looks like they just hid the dirt and stuff behind those planks though… ^^
    I live in Tarlabasi but I’ve never seen this particular house.

    Anyway, nice website, good luck.

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